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  • Written By: josh_mang
  • Submitted: Mar 5, 2006 at 7:17 pm
  • n00b's Name: The MEC army. All of them.
  • Game: Battlefield 2
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  • Score: 9.33
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Okay, so there's a map in BF2 called Strike at Karkand, it's a big urban level filled with cool little ambush spots and a highway in the middle. It's pretty big with 64 players, which doesn't happen often for me. But this time... oh... it did.

I was the last guy to join, so it was stocked to 64, 32 guys per team. I'm on MEC, which doesn't matter all that much to me since I like to hear them talk. Plus I have a weapon unlock for Medic, which is what I planned to do.

Little did I know that I would be the only medic on the map.
Not only that, but the only soldier who could read his radar.

A Lieutenant applied to be commander every game I played, so I never had the chance to relay orders. He never gave any, nor did he call artillery, or even call UAV's to help me.

Now these Americans on the other team are smart. They use some hardcore Blitzkrieg tactics and rush our rearmost bases in an effort to surround and destroy.

And they did a damn good job.

My team spawned at only one base, no others. They clumped together in little cells that refused to break apart and get things done. They didn't like to drive vehicles, they'd rather just open up in yawning fields of innacurate, nonstop fire in the general direction of the Americans. Every time their Commander called in Artillery, he scored about fifteen kills.

I myself led my team in points three rounds in a row, because I could rush in and revive a guy with the full knowledge that he would die again in two seconds, becuase he wouldn't get out of the the way of the enemy fire as soon as he got up. I was right. Oh... how I was right.

My points were past the one hundred mark all three rounds becuase of this. No round lasted longer than five minutes.

But the whole time I gazed in slobbering wonder at one of the most horrible n00bish things any BF2 player grows to hate.

My team had 28 special ops soldiers.
I was a medic.
The other three were snipers.

I cried myself to sleep that night.