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  • Written By: LT-DeadlyGus509
  • Submitted: Feb 27, 2006 at 8:27 pm
  • n00b's Name: JTEPWNSOON
  • Game: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
  • Votes: 15
  • Score: 7.87
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IT all started when I was playing Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne on Battle.Net. I join a game called FFA (Means Free for All.) and We were playign on a map called Huricane Isles. (Everyone starts on their own island.) I Decided to Go Night Elf. So We fill up to 8 and launch. It was a landlock map for each player so naturally msot people mass air so I thought Ahead and massed Druids of the Talon, Which can become HEavy Anti Air or week spellcasters on demand. I attack Purple and here come Light blue. He kills my army almsot instantly because I lose my Zepplin (dropship besically and he mass targets my hero with his Frost wyrms ( heavy air units for Undead) and his Fiends. (I couldnt turn my Druids into Birds adn fly off because purple had cast Silence- Prevents all spells AKA DRUID FORM CHANGES For a certain amount of time. His army is pretty vversitile I say to myself Im gonna hafta change my tactics. By now I moved to the Middle Island and started creeping with two heros and gainnig expansion mines like crazy. Purple fights him off long enough to rebiuld. So i go and start on Orange right under Purple While my upgrades begin to kick in for other units. As soon as I kill Oranges deffences Here comes Light Blue the Undead guy (I forgot to mention that the Undead guy I've been talknig About this whole story is JTEPwnsoon and ehs Light blue. Sorry.)
He kills my Druids of the Talon but at the cost of half his army. He Retreats back to where i cant see him and to what I can only guess is his main base or an Expansion. I hear, "We Are under attack!" and i see my one lone Druid sittign there in middle of orange and see purple finishing orange. Orange leaves.

I decide to focus on gray my new threat that had been attacking my two creeping heroes on and off. I drop in his abse and dispatch him with my new army of Bears and Dryads. Half way through killing him. guess wh odecides to come visit my army! IF You guessed Light Blue Your Right! Have a cookie. He shows up with the Exact units needed to counter my army. He kills my army Fast and leaves grey alone. At this point im beginning to think hes got Maphack. So I say " hey man your good Got shades on every island?" He replies, No Your just a newb. At this point im thinking, Wow what a jackass. So I say "Hey man no need to get Hostile I was jsut complimenting you, FYI I am not a newb." Now he begins spamming newb.

I ignore him rebiuld my army and go to the middle Isle. Now attempting to finish creeping it off to finish all 3 heroes to level 10 and Omg as soon as ihit the middle Guess whose there to greet me? Light blues army and heroes of course! So he Owns my army Same way he always does. Kill the hero so i cant teleport out. Smart, cheezy, but legal. Now his army somehow magically ends up behind my base. How that happened I have no clue. I escape to one of my expansion mines on the middle isle that he didnt kill and fortify it immediatly. So he starts spammng things like "See noob. I own You," and "You are the biggest Noob alive!" I ignore it and continue fortifing my last stand. "You really are a noob" He continues to say. So his army comes and get owned by my base. So He says "Besides I killed 4 people Single Handedly."
So I reply "You didnt earn thsoe kills single handedly, Hell some of them weren't even your kills. I weakend the 4 and Purple finished off Orange and red finished off gray.
And Isn't it a little too convient that your army happens to MAgically appear wherever I am, and I told you man I'm not a noob. So he goes "1v1 me then Noob." So I reply " Ok After I finish this game and do a few chores ill be more then glad to."

He replies with "HAHAHA CHORES, U LOSER!!!!!
So I beign extremely pissed off at him at this point reply. "Yes See everyone else except for you have lives, and in these lives they have things they have to get done. We dont have time to sit around and play games all day."
He goes "Whatever Your Tring to Dodge."

"No I'm Not Im telling you when I finish my chores I'll 1v1 you."
"So he Goes GG red this guys a newb"
JTEpwnsoon has left the game.

JTEpwnsoon whispers: 1v1 me noob you host i'll follow
You whisper to JTEpwnsoon: I cant host and i said after my chores and this game I would.
Jtepwnsoon whispers: Whatever we'll jsut go with your a noob.
JTePwnsoon whispers: Gg hows it feel to be a noob and do nothing with your life?
At thsi point REd leaves so I get Victory. I go to do my chores. And hour later I coem back hes still messaging me.
JTePwnSoon Whispers: Hows it feel being worth;less you fuckking newb?
you whisper to JTEPwnsoon: Hey Im ready to 1v1 you now.
JtePwnsoon: Nty we're jksut gonna go with you being a noob.
You whisper to Jtepwnsoon: Wow and you call me the noob maknig a chalalnge and not gonig through with it? Your lame I've seen crappy percentage but at elast they are honorable enough to try.
You Whisper to JTEPwnsoon: At Least they try therefor I call them Rookies not newbs. You though. I am pleased to call a Noob.
You whisper to JTePwnsoon: So when ever your tired of being all talk and no Brawn You can coem abck for the 1v1 I'll be pleased to own you.
So i Squelch him with the message "Grow some ballz and come back and 1v1 Me then I wont Call you a Noob"
LAter After another game Of europa I Log off. At this point I have No Screen Shots because I didn't plan on taking thsi to N00bStories.com untill after what came next. I log on later to talk to my friend wh odoesnt have AIM or MSN. Sicne we were gonna play Runescape Togeather. I go afk for about 30 minutes to come back and see him begining to message me again. Wow Does This guy have a Life I wonder.

Jtepwnsoon whispers: Hi Noob
JTePwnsoon Whispers: How are you?
JTePWnsoon Whispers: are you scared?%
JTePWnsoon Whispers: To Play me?

Oh crap I forgot my squelch wears off when I Log off. Oh Well most noobs dont have the stupidity or nerve to whisper me Some of them even have lives. So I Whisper him back for the LAst time.
You Whisper to JTePwnsoon: No Not Really Im more shocked thatd youd waste your life following people jus tto prove and invalid fact you dodged and tis over GG Mental Retard.
I squelched Him at this point. With the Message. You wanan Talk the Talk but You wont WAlk the Walk.

I Have A Screen shot of this one.


For Your Information I Have Nothing Agaisnt Newbs Or Mental Retards. Its the ones that stick out to Ruin the game that I hate.