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  • Written By: tA-Kane
  • Submitted: Nov 3, 2005 at 6:57 pm
  • n00b's Name: TheLastLegion slntkane & company
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 26
  • Score: 6.23
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So here I am, playing on n00bstories AOW. The map is Volcano and I'm on the Nod team in an APC at GDI base. They have all their buildings and I'm squishing infantry. There's one medium tank around, so of course I'm getting owned. I see a Nod infantry, so I try to cover him (eg, good teamplay). Instead of him going somewhere, he repairs me. Cool. But wait, what's this? I had about 125 health left and no armor (so, a little under 25% total health) and he starts repairing me... and repairs me to 100% in half of a second. Now, I'm no fool... not even a Technician can repair that fast... and he was a Rocket Soldier. So of course, I !forcerg him. Since I'm not a mod, that's only one of three people needed to !forcerg him.

So, I've already seen someone else to !showmods, and I already knew one of the mods, Captain Faggo (aka slntkane). I privmsged him that TheLastLegion was using repair hacks. A short while goes by, and I let him know again. Nothing happens.

So when the first GDI building gets destroyed, I start talking in public chat that TheLastLegion is using hacks. Still nothing happens... Not even GDI will do !forcerg on him. Surely the opposing team would have wanted a Nod player out of the game when GDI is losing? But no, apparently they didn't.

The game ends. It's now on the map Under. He is, once again, on my team of Nod. I say he's using hacks again, and still nothing happens. Then he kills someone... the same someone I had targetted. He killed him in about four shots. So, I send a message to the guy he killed and told him that TheLastLegion killed him using hacks. About twenty seconds later, I get the reply "i figured', so I tell him to !forcerg him. Again, nothing happens even after a few minutes.

So, I leave the game. There's no particular reason to play a game when someone is cheating and no one will do anything about it (not even a mod).

Shortly after coming back to IRC, I receive a private message from Silent_Kane:
[ 18:42:50 ] [ Silent_Kane ] Was whoring that's why I didn't reply
[ 18:42:57 ] [ inetknght ] noob
[ 18:43:07 ] [ inetknght ] server moderation should take precedence over all other things :(
[ 18:43:14 ] [ Silent_Kane ] Negatron

So... what the fuck? Not only was there a n00b cheater in the game, but the mod was being a n00b by preferring to APC whore rather than do something so simple as !forcerg someone? And not only the mod, but the whole of the opposing team? What has this world come to??