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  • Written By: tA-Kane
  • Submitted: Jul 11, 2005 at 5:26 pm
  • n00b's Name: Lei-something
  • Game: Battlefield 2
  • Votes: 41
  • Score: 9.24
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I'm not the best pilot around, but I'm not that bad. Here I am, FuShe Pass 64 player, getting 8:3 kill ratio using the chinese jet...

I don't remember the exact n00b's name, but it was Lei-*something*.

After my third death, I run back to where my jet spawns at, and there's this n00b... sitting there waiting for it...

So I also sit there waiting for it... pushing E every quarter second or so, so that the n00b doesn't get into it before I do. Not much more than about 10 seconds pass and suddenly I'm in the cockpit of the jet. I do realise that when I'm "competing" for a jet against someone else and lose, I run off so that neither I die nor they get a teamkill. In any case, I wait about another 10 seconds to give the n00b asswipe time to run away. I push control and look for him, and he's nowhere in sight. I proceed to take off, and suddenly... I get punished for a teamkill.

What an asshole, right?

Well, it doesn't stop there.

I get another 3 kills before I die again. I head back there, and he's standing there waiting for it ... again. So, not only does he wait for the jet to spawn, but he waits for the current user to take off, kill some things, and die too? He'd be better used at the front as cannon fodder for snipers!

Anyways, I make it into the jet again... and get another teamkill. OK. Another 2 kills. I die. I come back. He's there *AGAIN*, along with someone else. That third guy made it into the jet instead of me, but he didn't make it off the runway... one of the F-15s from the US forces managed to bomb him on the runway. Sucks for him.

So here I am, waiting another 30 seconds for the jet... I make it in... and just sit there, knowing that the punk is getting pissed cause I'm not running him over. So what does he do? He starts throwing grenades at me... Before I could take off to kill the bastard, I'm dead in a broken J-10! Asshole! Of course I punish the punk for teamkilling, but it doesn't do anything to him. So I also start a votekick against him, but you know how that ends up... never actually getting the bastard kicked... :(

Next time I spawn, I notice that the chinese attack helicopter is sitting idle, so I take it... while I'm going to the front, that BASTARD flies the J-10 RIGHT INTO MY HELICOPTER! I get the teamkill and am tempbanned from the server!

Punks like that ruin the fucking game.