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  • Written By: a1zahara
  • Submitted: Feb 22, 2005 at 6:07 pm
  • n00b's Name: sumake
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 21
  • Score: 8.38
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This guy is quite the character. I joined a server one morning that I saw one of my fellow clan mates playing in, xilcent. I have no clue what server it was, since he was in my buddy list and I double clicked his name. I didn't care, playing with cent is a rare and special occasion.

Anyway, as soon as I joined I saw the game was at a stalemate and people were just sniping, so I joined the fun. First off, I'm no sniper, I get owned very easily. But sumake didn't even know the basics. The map was Field (my favorite), he was Nod, I was GDI.

He'd wait in our tunnels and pop out from around the corner, wait about 2-4 seconds to get a good shot and then shoot. Always at the body, never the head. As you can see, it wasn't that hard for me to shoot him. Even when we both shot each other at the same time, I'd aim for his head, him for my body. All I reallly had to do was wait till he came out and cap him, he had to pop out, get his crosshairs algined and then shoot. Sometimes he even put his head in my crosshairs for me.

I believe that was the first kill on him.

This is the second one I think, still doesn't get it. HE4DSHOTZ R ONE HIT KILLZ????

Now he body shots me, I head shot him. Yet, I am hacking.

Now he's very angry.

This was a nice shot, I was pretty far away, of course hacks again.

Yes, hacker me.

Once again, he body shots me, I head shot him. Why thank you, I am a pro. Not.


Hmmm who's Cilnes? Is he related to XilNeS?

Cent kills him once, so Cent is hacking too.

Telling us that his freind hacks and he can send them to him. Very cool.

By the way, I was running RG, but I forgot to take any screenies of it. I think he might have read the n00bstories about eXile and automatically thought I hacked. Well, I don't, and I owned him. As I said before, I'm not that great, I just know the basics.

Yes, and for BonHair: CHEEZE.