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  • Written By: fcdrazen
  • Submitted: Sep 14, 2002 at 7:31 pm
  • n00b's Name: G0b5m4k and friend
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 13
  • Score: 1.69
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36 player laddered game on walls flying
People with weird names are most likly noobs, reason? hard to report
this guy was in the game with a friend. double noob....i wish i was on the other team...
no i wish i was on another server. to start things off gob5m4k get his friend to put 10 remote c4 on him, also he's a nod officer at this time.
he tried to get into my stealth tank, but if you didn't pay for it you can't get in
while i'm trying to mine the base, he gets a stealth black hand and ask his friend to

mine him.
i told them not to waste mines, gob told me to suck his balls.
so i stay in the base to defend while this fully mined guy trying to nuke, it didn't work
he didn't even get into the base, "again!!!" "I want to nuke" "Mine me"
he did this a few times then he whent and nuke without the mines and he nuke.....yep
weapon factory, I knew he was gonna nuke WF, and i knew he was gonna nuke the whole game
so i also got a sbh nuker to nuke the same time when he does, one of the nuke will go off
i nuked top of ref while he nuked in a bad spot of wf, no one showed up to disarm my nuke.
he died and i sniped off all hot wires and engineers disarming his nuke with my laser gun,
both building blows up, he started bragging about he's the best stealth nuker and he's nuke never gets disarmed blab blab, he end up talking about 1 susscesful nuke out of maybe 5 attempts for the rest of the game claiming to be instant MVP.
I end up taking out rest of the base, i think i got MVP but i'm not sure.....
yeah i did, i stealth tank and got alot of points on stealth tank rush.

what you should learn from this story is that you must take control of the flow of the game.
use useless player's messing around in the game and trun it into a win and 300 ladder points.