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  • Written By: creed3020
  • Submitted: Sep 12, 2002 at 5:49 pm
  • n00b's Name: hummor4
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 11
  • Score: 5.55
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This involves me (creed3020) and yakuza963. We we're palying game with this hummor4 guy and him and yakuza are on Nod. This guy is so dumb. This is what he asked

Hummor4: Hey yakuza are stealth soldiers invisible?
Yaluza963: Yes you stupid shit
Yakuza963: ROFLMAO
The rest of server is also laughing like hell
He keeps on playing in the server until he get's killed about 34 times. His record was 3K-41D by the time we we're done with him.

Then me and yakuza laugh our asses off for the next ten minutes. It was a short story but, it was a great n00b question.