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  • Written By: fcdrazen
  • Submitted: Sep 11, 2002 at 3:45 am
  • n00b's Name: the entire team GDI
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 22
  • Score: 1.86
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My own noob story, written by Mike Drazen 100% true
aka FCdrazen

I was play in a 40 player game, on MESA, I joined late 10 min have passed in the 30 min game
"no matter" I said to myself and repair the pp till I have money for a better unit, in no time
I got money for a tech (I was on NOD) and they were hitting the pp hard, so in no time
I got money for a heavy artillery.

I went off and start killing off all the tanks that was hitting the pp, and start to hit their weapon factory, I did this for 5 mins. then I decided I have enough points and credits
to do some real damage, I'm in 3rd place and I've only been playing for 8 mins.

I have 3000 credits so I got a stealth tank and a nuke, I went behind the pp, and nuke the
pp then heal up my stealth tank 5 sec passed, I'm fully healed and guarding my nuke, 10 more secs passed no one showed up to disarm my nuke so I decide to attack the REF, so I'm shoot the REF and when I bring the REF life to half my nuke hits and kills 2 engineers disarming it. I keep shooting at the REF while moving away from the REF and head for AGT.
the ref dies and I start shooting AGT, I'm little damaged but no tanks were shooting me, and I kept crushing people shooting me and trying to c4 me, so now I'm shooting AGT and no one is healing it and I've been time c4ed, so I head for weapon factory, for some reason my stealth tank took out the AGT (a heavy arty could have been hitting it also) my tank blows up I run inside the WF, place all my c4s, and start to mine fight the engineers that were after me, I killed 1 guy with my mines
and kill another with remote c4 that's on the mct, I place 2 more mines and start running around shooting engineers, I kill 1 more and I died, then boink X2 boink X2 Gdi weapon factory destroyed (so I killed around 6 people in that war factory)

I grab another stealth tank a stealth guy and a nuke, ride in the back of barrack and nuke it without any problems.

I destroy the entire base, got MVP, got the highest kill on both teams, I almost have more points than the other team combined.

P.S. this is a 100% true story, I have the screen shot saved on my computer, I've done some amazing things in this game
i.e.- I once took out an entire tank fleet with my light tank on under, it was 2 mammoths, 3 med, 1 mrls, they were advancing on up taking the field, so I went around the high MT, and fight a med tank, I did a fall off trick on him to make the med think I'm dead, and repairs myself and go kill the med, go over the mt, and kills the mrls from the top going down, start shooting the mammoths and meds from behind, which ever tank was hurt the most, non of the GDI tanks on the TIB field even fired at me, then they try to pull back but I'm blocking their way and shooting em, the entire gdi tank fleet went down because of me.