Welcome to n00bstories
When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome again. True story

Website Staff

The n00bstories community is administrated by a group of individuals with similar goals and ideas.
Each member contributes to their specific area and every member acts as part of a team.

Crimson - Owner

• Owner and founder of n00bstories.com

luv2pb - Director of Operations / Lead Admin

• Oversees all operations.
• The "number 2" guy on the site.

andr3w282 - n00bstories coder

• Main developer of n00bstories 2.0 (this site you're seeing now)
• Other coding related tasks and TeamSpeak Administration.

creed3020 - Director of Marketing

• Responsible for making NS look good and the competition look bad
• Run promotions like raffles, special events, and increase site exposure

Jarhead - Reneagde Administrator

• In charge of the Renegade Server Staff
• Ensures high quality gameplay in the server through enforcement of NS rules

Renegade Server