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#tt 90 Welcome to the Tiberian Technologies Public Chat. Feel free to ask questions! --t----->
#n00bstories 89 .: || Official Chat for http://www.n00bstories.com || n00bparty '18 is far away :.
#ttmain 79
#ttdev 78
#bhs_support 78 XWIS/WOL is online (right now) :: Blackhand Studios Support channel :: SPEAK ENGLISH :: No "Anyone here?" questions, JUST ASK YOUR QUESTION :: DON'T PRIVATE MESSAGE THE OPERATORS :: BE PATIENT :: Also you can contact us at http://www.renegadeforums.com
#help 78 Type /helpop or /msg helpserv help for IRC and services help. DO NOT SEND PRIVATE MESSAGES TO THE OPERATORS FOR HELP!!! Please forgive us if we don't answer right away... hang around and we'll be with you.
#n00bparty 78 n00bparty
#n00bstories_admins 78 .::n00bstories Server Admins::
#n00bstories_dev 78 .:N00bstories Devolpment Channel:. || faild.us FTL
#ns_marketing 78 .:: n00bstories Marketing Team ::.
#ragequit 78
#renguard 78 NEGERPARTY
#ice 8 Ice will NOT be back soon. She has no internet because Christians don't believe in gravity. Broadband should be going up in a few days. Stop whining or I'll do things to you.::. Alicia subscribes to intelligent failing
#brenbot 1
#brenbot_admin 1